Introducing Order Replacement Parts


MD Sports’ support section has been a great way to connect customers to our after-service team to receive the help they need. We’re happy to announce that a new feature of Order Replacement Parts has been recently added to further extend our services.

Starting now you can have direct access to purchase the replacement parts so you can continue to enjoy your gaming experience. Simply just go into Order Replacement Parts under the Support section and find your product through filter selections or by model number.

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如果您有任何產品的疑問, 需要幫助與支援, 請聯繫服務熱線

電話: 021-54901751 ext.802 (中國)


Independence Day Sale !


Summer is here and our Big Sky Water Towables are ready for you to enjoy ! The promotional sale is from June 24th – July 4th, it will end on the day of the Fireworks so grab yours while supplies last !

Click Here↓

Click Here↓

Welcome to Our New Refreshed Website !



MD Sports is pleased to announce our new and refreshed website is now live! –

Our goal with this new website is to provide user-friendly navigation through our products and services so visitors can have an easier way to learn more about MD Sports!

Amongst the new features of direct retailer sales channels to ordering replacement parts, the site contains social media buttons for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to increase our connections to our customers.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please get in touch with us through the Support section or simply give us a call!

( Stay tuned for the Order Replacement Parts )